Internet Database Systems

Are you gambling with your business?

You need an comprehensive team of Internet development professionals.  Professionals with years of experience and a proven track record of successful projects.  Your online presence is critical to your business success.  And the extent to which you are able to utilize the power and reach of the internet can give you significant strategic and tactical advantages over your competition.  Your online business systems can be a critical part of your business.

Don't trust your online systems to some fly-by-night company or that weird "dude" who works in his garage.  Your web development needs a real company with real experience on real-world project.  BITS can help you keep your business on-track and can help you move your business to the next level on the internet.

About BITS

BITS is a company that creates computer, internet, and other digitally based technology solutions for data acquisition, transmission, manipulation, storage and presentation.

BITS was formed to merge talents from three very different backgrounds.  Because each business data project exists in a unique environment our group of highly-skilled individuals provides a diverse array of expertise.

 LaMont Leavitt, B.S., Management Information Services.
Founder / CEO of Business Information & Technology Systems (BITS) LLC, Spanish Fork, UT. For over 20 years (18 years with Novell, Inc), LaMont has gained extensive experience as an information management specialist and computer technologist. His industry experience includes building computer systems, networks, support, product delivery, and training testing and development teams in Hyderabad and Bangalore, India. He has also collaborated with development teams in Germany and the United States. He has received many awards over the years while working for Novell (President's Award in 2000 and Employee-of-the-Year Award in 1997) in recognition of his ability to bring products to market and to promote excellence in product quality and communication. In 2008, he began to focus on the health care industry, bringing ChiroCode Premium Support and to market. These dynamic, web-based products will continue to roll out new features and information, thereby simplifying and facilitating the services of coding and reimbursement professionals in the health care industry.

 David Berky, B.S., Business Information Systems.
Founder / CIO of Business Information & Technology Systems (BITS) LLC, Spanish Fork, UT. David began his career in computer software design and programming long before he finished his Bachelor's Degree in Business Information Systems (Arizona State University, 1995). David began helping restaurant corporations design, program and roll-out PC-based systems to track unit operations and report back to the corporate office. David designed and programmed a similar system for a client with over 450 locations nation-wide. In 1999, David branched out into web site development and search engine optimization when he and a partner began marketing a suite of personal finance software through the Internet, later selling the company for over a million dollars. As a principal partner in BITS, David is now focused on leveraging open-source tools to provide rapid, standards-based development of business information systems delivered through the ubiquitous Internet platform.